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Forget the computer technician that comes to your house.
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AskGuy is a subsidiary of Comodor, which has been specializing in computer support solutions for the business sector for over 11 years. Heading the company is Guy Zuckerman who saw the need for immediate live support to resolve problems and answer questions posed by both private clients and businesses. Over the past few years, AskGuy has provided technical support services via remote connection to thousands of customers.

Professionalism Above All

AskGuy’s technicians are all Microsoft graduates and highly experienced in the field.

We're With You At Every Moment

Our service is a combination of telephone and Internet live support including a diagnosis of the problem and the appropriate solution. Customers see the entire process online and receive an explanation of the solution on their personal computer screens at each stage.


The client is in complete control of his computer at every stage of the support and repair process and can disconnect at any time. At the end of the service, there is no further possibility for someone to reconnect to his computer again without his express permission.

Attractive Fixed Price

The price of 59 NIS is a fixed one and does not change regardless of the type of problem or the amount of time required to solve the error.

Now you can enjoy technical support services via remote connection, when it's convenient for you and at a fixed price!

  • Only 59 NIS per error correction, regardless of the type of problem.
  • Secure data and your online identity: maintaining maximum safety and privacy.
  • Solution to the problem by a qualified technician, guidance and tools to keep your PC running fast.

    How it works?

    3 simple steps to solve an error:

    Get a green light to start the connection.
    Connect with live support until the error is fully resolved.

    Enter your pin code: